What Caused the Spring Wind Storm?

A view of Thurston County’s Spring 2017 Wind Storm from Space.

In April 2017, Thurston County was hit by what some believed was a tornado that cut a path of destruction North along Interestate 5 from Dupont through Rochester. It ripped 100 foot diameter trees up by their roots, splintered evergreens along its path.

Here’s what that large storm looked like from the GOES 15 satellite stationed above the Northern Hemisphere.  Here’s what caused it …

A well-defined and substantial low pressure system is approaching the Northwest on Friday.  It is an unusually strong system for April and will probably cause wind related power outages and lots of downed branches.  There will also be a lot of rain but nothing more intense than we have seen throughout the winter months.  The low pressure intensity is the remarkable issue with this system.  It is a storm that is usually reserved for December or January and rarely occurs in the spring months.

The cause of these systems is a mix of warm air, cold air, and a precisely placed jet stream that is strong enough to get the system energized.  It looks like all of these ingredients are currently in place for a nasty spring storm.

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