About the author

Mark Biever is a Licensed Professional Geologist and Licensed Engineering Geologist in the State of Washington. He is an 18-year Thurston County employee who heads up Thurston County’s Environmental Monitoring Program. He has more than 20 years of experience in Washington and the Western United States.

Mr. Biever specializes in landslides, volcanic and seismic hazards, as well as climate issues relating to water supply and the effect changing climate conditions have on the environment and how these processes can be explained using science. He strives to help educate those who want to know fundamental answers to some of the pressing environmental questions that they ponder every day.

“Our program goal is to bring the data that we collect and analyze to those who need scientific answers, and to the citizens who fund this program.”

The Environmental Monitoring Program

The program has three full time employees who are responsible for maintaining more than 100 atmospheric, groundwater, streamflow, stormwater flow, and lake level field monitoring stations.  In addition, the program coordinates with Thurston County Environmental Health to monitor water quality in our local streams and water bodies.

The program collects millions of datasets per year and is responsible for analyzing, presenting and preparing data for Thurston County Departments and providing data to the public and universities and other educational institutions.

The blog

This blog, in combination with Environmental Monitoring website, is a way to bring information to anyone who is captivated by some of the more interesting topics we encounter.  We will also answer direct questions that we get most often and throw in some landslide, earthquake and volcano information as well.  Our area has all of these hazards in addition to the floods and weather hazards we experience every year so we will continue to have a lot of topics to discuss.

So hold on and enjoy… and if you have a specific question that may be interesting to a wide audience, we will tackle it and explain it for you.

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